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Marty has realized the invaluable importance of past photographs whether taken professionally or snapshots and has actively been engaged in teaching his clients how to care and restore these old priceless memories. Whether your images are old or new, he can advise how to make these come alive in a format that guarantees future generations will be able to enjoy what has been done today. Most of these images are one of a kind and cannot be replaced by anyone. They are unique to your family and the ones you love and even more to future generations you'll not even get to meet.

The quality of a great photograph is in its ability to permanently capture a moment in time that affords that moment to be appreciated forever. Over a career spanning forty six years, Marty Huie has captured thousands of such moments, amassing a body of work that places him among a select group of respected portrait artists. Marty holds the coveted degree of Master Photographer and is a member of Professional Photographers of America.


Professional Photography by Marty Huie is a custom, low-volume studio. As a Walla Walla native, Marty has been greatly blessed to have served so many wonderful people. No two clients are alike, nor are their portrait needs the same. Marty strives to capture just what each family desires at that given time and to create pieces that forever stir emotion and become treasures for generations.

We do not consider ourselves a traditional photography studio. We are a portrait studio and photography is but one medium used to create our art. The master artists of years past are known to have used every tool possible in the making of their art. And, tools are only as effective as the artist using them- the camera is just the beginning. We view the camera, computer, tablet and stylus, oils, canvas and acrylics all as tools to get to our desired outcome. Combined with careful use of light, these are elements used to help convey our vision. We blend old and new to create timeless works. Simply put, we will use every tool possible to create the most moving, enduring portraits achievable. A personal portrait—whether it be family, couple or individual—adds more warmth and love to your home than a Renoir, Degas or Rembrandt. Your life is a beautifully unique work of art; allow us the privilege of designing your home gallery that truly is priceless immediately and becomes even more so for generations to come.

-Marty Huie